Friday, December 30, 2011

Reason #17,891 Why A Business Needs to Pay Attention to Customers

I came across this article regarding Ocean Marketing and I have to say, I am appalled.  While I could care less about the product being discussed here (some sort of fancy controller for a gaming console), this example ought to teach all of us in business how our actions not only negative impact our companies, but also can have a profound impact personally.

To sum up a rather long article - a gamer ordered a couple controllers, hoping for them to arrive before Christmas and when he inquired with the company about the ship date, he was berated by an employee at Ocean Marketing (Paul Christoforo) and badgered in to posting the whole thread online, where it quickly went viral. 

Though Christoforo eventually apologized, his actions have already done plenty of damage.  They have given Ocean Marketing a terrible name and Christoforo has had his name smeared on the internet.  A Google search for his name already turns up a number of articles, mostly negative, relating to his actions, the impact this is already having on his business, and the response of other businesses involved

Good luck finding another job under the same name or attracting additional clients after this one, Mr. Christoforo.  Your name and that of Ocean Marketing are going to have a difficult time getting clean.  For those of us that haven't learned this lesson the hard way - think twice before you send anything controversial in an e-mail.

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