Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scuba Diving Cozumel in Pictures

Two dives in Cozumel over Thanksgiving with Sand Dollar Sports - one on the San Francisco reef and one on Paradise reef both with dive master Julio Chavez.  I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a first class operation in Cozumel - very helpful, knowledgeable, and an extremely large boat (especially for only the 6 of us that went)!

First dive was about 35 minutes at 80 feet on a beautiful coral wall.  Second was a 45 minute dive in about 45 feet.  Gorgeous coral and wildlife in both locations.  Loved the rockfish, my first seahorse sighting, the fish chilling with the stingray and the crab in the large shell with a nice trail behind it.  Took these pictures with my Olympus FE-360 with the underwater housing.  Amazing what this little guy is able to do - would love to get a more professional rig one of these days, but just can't justify the expense when I only get to dive once every couple years.  I've got plenty more pictures if you'd like to see them, just drop me a comment!

Edited a few of the tags on 1/6/12 thanks to Eric V. in the Chicago Scuba Meetup group.

Part of the group descending to the first dive site
Spotted Scorpionfish
On the wall
Scrawled Filefish
I love the track this Queen Conch was making as he moved along the bottom.
Queen Angelfish
Sea slug - can barely see the top in the middle of the pic.
Schooling fish
Stingray with his fish friend hanging out

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