Saturday, December 10, 2011

TresWhite Review

My empty box - unfortunately, I didn't just dump it all in the trash.  
For my first real post, I figured a product review would be in order to help people stay away from the same mistake I made.  A recent trip to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning turned in to a rough 10 days for me.  Thankfully no tooth problems to report, but my interest in whitening my teeth, resulted in an impulse buy from the dentist - TresWhite Supreme.  I've always been hesitant to try the more sophisticated bleaching procedures because of the cost and a couple sensitive teeth, so when the dentist recommended this one as an effective low-cost alternative, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I've tried a couple of the other whitening products on the over the counter market over the years (Crest White Strips, whitening toothpaste, etc) without a lot of luck.  Taking the dentist's recommendation was my first problem.  Had I taken the time to do my normal online reviews, I probably would have avoided this product, but I was anxious to get started.

There were a couple minor advantages to TresWhite - the ease of putting the trays in and the relatively low cost ($57 from the dentist).  That's where the advantages end.  These particular bleaching trays didn't cause problems with my sensitive teeth - but it regularly felt like my mouth was on fire.  Because there was far too much gel on the trays, a good deal inevitably seeped to my gums and tongue where the pain became nearly unbearable - and the effects noticeable (I'll spare you the gory details).

Unfortunately I wasn't as smart as Trevett here on Amazon who was intelligent enough to stop using them (I also agree with Maddie, but by no means is the ease of use worth a 5 star review).  I instead put myself through 10 days of torture, telling myself "no pain, no gain."  Well, unfortunately the results just aren't there to justify the hell - there is a minor difference in the color of my teeth, but nothing that I would consider remotely worth the discomfort.  It also didn't help that I was easily able to find the same trays online for $20 less than what I paid at the dentist.

Poor experience all around.  Hope this helps someone out there stay away from my mistake!

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