Friday, January 20, 2012


No energy for a long, well thought out post this evening.  A 7 hour meeting, followed by a 45 minute drive home (typical 15 minute) from work, eating some Slava wings that my wife generously brought home, drinking 2 Fat Tires and 2 Coors Lites, playing 2 hours of video games, a little couch surfing and watching two episodes of Breaking Bad has successfully turned my brain and the rest of my body to mush.

So, I'm laying in bed and my lovely wife is trying to watch a video online, which is constantly buffering.  Which made me think, what if someone made a YouTube video which consisted entirely of the "buffering" symbol?  It would have to be the most frustrating thing ever on the internet.  It's like driving through a city full of skyscrapers refusing to believe that, after the first wrong turn, the foreign lady that yaps at you from your Garmin will ever be able to spit out anything other than recalculating. You keep waiting for some fantastic content, thinking that your internet connection just sucks, only to have the video stop - no content, just buffering.  The only thing more frustrating would be if the buffering video ACTUALLY buffers because you really do have a terrible internet connection.  

The only image I could come up with that relates to my thoughts right now is M.C. Escher.

Which led to this (sorry for the poor quality):

And at some point in there, I heard this song from The League.  If you haven't watched, I understand that you may judge because it's a show about fantasy football - but give it a shot, it's well worth it if you're looking for an R rated sitcom.   

Welcome inside my brain on Friday night at 10.  I'll be back with something coherent tomorrow, assuming that my wife allows me to use the snow, which no doubt will be cleared off the roads by mid-day tomorrow, as an excuse not to leave the house.

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  1. Odd i hear athletes use "the snow" as a way to help them!