Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First NHL Game

On Sunday, I was the lucky recipient of one of four tickets (thank you again Mane!) to the Chicago Blackhawks vs the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center in Chicago.  It was my first live NHL experience - and after the experience, I hope not my last!  I might have been a little spoiled - with seats directly on center ice about 16 rows behind the Blackhawks bench, or with attending one of the biggest rivalries in the sport or with such a close game.  Unfortunately, the Blackhawks couldn't pull off the W - after scoring 2 quick goals at the beginning of the first period, their offense was shut down.  Detroit tied it in regulation with less than 5 minutes in the 3rd and then knocked in the winner in overtime.  

On a night of firsts, I got to see Jimmy Hayes, a rookie for the Blackhawks take his first penalty shot ever - which, as you can see from the video, he missed.  I figured why not keep the firsts going and make this the first video I've edited and posted to the web.  It's definitely amateurish but for a video taken by my iPhone, decent quality. 

 I should also thank my cousin (a local hockey player) who was kind enough to sit by me through the entire game and answer all the questions that I had - unfortunately NHL 95 on my SEGA only taught me so much about the rules of the game.  I definitely had some gaps in hockey knowledge which he helped fill in.  And thanks to my uncle who, thanks to his connections, got me a puck (not one from the store at the UC) and my brother-in-law for inviting me to the game.  Looking forward to the next one!

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