Friday, January 13, 2012

Coming Soon...

That's right - my first ever "mashup" video.  After getting a brief, simple introduction to video editing, I've gotten bold purchased some file conversion software, learned how to download and convert YouTube videos and now I'm hard at work creating a video (another possible weekly post?) of "What We were Watching This Week." Basically it's going to be a mashup of random videos we found throughout the week as well as some great old clips which somehow came up in conversations recently.  A few teasers, you'll see some classic Seinfeld, Airplane, a new take on the James Bond theme song and more.  In the comments, I'm thinking we ought to let some people that have no idea why these videos came up, speculate on how they became conversation at work.  Since my wife is leaving me again all day tomorrow and I'll mostly just be watching football, you should get a look at my first attempt by the end of the day.  Hope you are looking forward to it as much as me.  

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