Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Groundhog Day Spoiler

After tolerating two episodes of Greek, stuffing myself with baked chicken strips and waffle fries - this following my meals from the last 3 days of:

  • Monday breakfast - Cheerios
  • Monday lunch - Wendy's Asiago chicken sandwich, junior cheeseburger and medium fries
  • Monday dinner - 2 frozen philly cheese steak sandwiches
  • Tuesday breakfast - Cheerios
  • Tuesday lunch - Portillo's breaded chicken sandwich and cheese fries
  • Tuesday dinner - Pizza Hut stuffed crust bacon and mushroom pizza with breadsticks
  • Wednesday breakfast - Cheerios
  • Wednesday lunch - Pizza Hut meat lovers P'Zone
I don't need you to point out that this is the longest cutscene since the last episode of Family Guy, that I should clearly know why my head is fat, that I am undoing all the work I did at the gym on Monday, or that I should no longer abide by the diet I had when I swam in high school.

So let's just start this one over - after attempting to stream Breaking Bad while it skipped every 10 seconds due to our crappy internet connection, I am now "watching" my sick wife play Sly Cooper.  And what came in to my head?  Of course - tomorrow is Groundhog Day!

So the important question is, will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?  But more importantly does anybody really give a damn what Puxsutawney Phil has to say anymore?  Google couldn't answer for me, but and seem to think it'll be cloudy in the morning in Punxsutawney - which means?  early spring, though I'm still skeptical whether winter ever really started.

If I had any more material, this is the point where I'd start over for the 3rd time because I'm pretty disappointed in this whole post - other than the 45 seconds of Bill Murray.  So, let's see - how to end this one? - how about with a, wait for it, VLV's first EVER....


Those always garner interest, right???  

So, the person who can count (note: I did not say guess, because I'm not counting them myself) all of the calories I have eaten since Monday morning and leave the best (read: not necessarily numerical - witty responses will likely have a better chance) comment here on VLV with their e-mail address wins a prize.  I'm thinking maybe I'll give you something delicious straight from my freezer.  Mystery prizes are way better than imported tablets.  

In closing, I leave you with one last (brief) video.  If you are randomly punched in the face tomorrow, just remember Ned - because that's probably you.  

Update 2/2/12 - Siri has no idea who Punxsutawney Phil is, why he is looking for his shadow or whether or not there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  I rest my case, no one cares.  

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